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Welcome to Edison Regional Gifted Center
Edison Regional Gifted Center offers an accelerated and enriched program to gifted
students in kindergarten through eighth grades. Edison's curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore, experience and create. 

At Edison, lessons are experienced, not just taught. New ideas and skills emerge from the pages of books and are turned into unforgettable experiences by our creative team of seventeen veteran teachers. The teachers and staff are supported by an encouraging and experienced administration and a supportive parent community.

Since 1975, Edison Regional Gifted Center has welcomed thousands of gifted and high-ability students through its doors. It has graduated some of the most well-prepared, disciplined, and top-performing students in the State of Illinois.

Edison is a diverse community of learners--students, teachers, staff and parents--pursuing quality, continuous academic improvements and disciplined personal excellence. We are building a framework to help students express their giftedness, establish their humanity, and maximize their potential.