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Program Highlights

Edison Regional Gifted Center is committed to serving its 275 gifted students, kindergarten through eighth grade, with a fully articulated, differentiated curriculum that is fast paced, enriched, and accelerated.
Each year the Office of Academic Enhancement selects students qualified for the kindergarten and other program vacancies, using test scores and Chicago's tier system.
Students in grades K-5 receive literacy and language arts instruction from their homeroom teacher. Students in grades 6-8 follow a traditional middle school schedule with different teachers providing instruction in each of the core content areas.
The laboratory approach is emphasized in the sciences, incorporating scientific method at all grade levels, especially in environmental/earth studies, biological, and physical sciences.
In social studies, the K-4 students learn physical geography, basic economics and civics, with special focus on Chicago, Illinois, and the United States. Grades 5-8 begin with ancient civilizations and prehistory, and continue through the 20th Century (in 8th grade). The curriculum includes an in-depth study of comparative economics, governments, law, and philosophy.
A complete French language and fine arts program fulfills Edison's humanities curriculum.
The Learning Resource Center (library) supports student research while students' STEM class teaches students to code, explore the design process and use technology to engage in inquiry-based problem-solving activities. Edison was a Computer Science for All (CS4ALL) pilot school in 2014-15, which was sponsored by  
Physical education and health are also critical to the instructional program with nutrition, drug awareness, and family life education taught at all grades.