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Daily attendance at school is a vital part of the learning process. Students are expected to come to school each day ready to learn and participate in school activities.

According to the School Code of Illinois Law, there are only four acceptable causes of absence:
  1. Illness
  2. Death in the immediate family
  3. Family emergency (where the child's safety is in danger)
  4. Observance of religious holidays
State law requires the students to bring a written note from the parent or guardian when they return to school after an absence. An absence is considered excused ONLY if we receive a written note from a parent or guardian.

Phone calls to the school regarding your child's absence are helpful, but a note is essential.

All absences that are not accompanied by a note are considered truant. If a child misses school to go on a family vacation, the child is legally truant.

When submitting an excuse note for your child's absence, please include the date of the absence and kindly print his/her full name and grade on a full sheet of paper. You can use the Notice of Absence form attached here.